Does Blow to Know come with an instruction manual?
Yes, it is included with the Blow to Know.

Are instructions easy to understand?
Yes, very easy.

Can Blow to Know be customized to measure the legal drinking / blood alcohol content limit of each state?
Yes, each machine can be manually set (and reset) to accommodate any BAC level.

What happens if someone blows some liquid into Blow to Know when the test is being done?
Nothing happens. The machine has a liquid outlet system.

Can the straws be removed at one time?
No. It is impossible for the machine to dispense all of the straws at one time. Blow to Know is equipped with a system that allows for only one straw to be dispensed at a time.

How many straws does Blow to Know hold at one time?
The machine can hold up to 750 straws at one time.

Is it easy to load straws into the machine?
Yes. Your account representative can help you with this task.

Where is the machine mounted, on the wall or on top of the bar?
The machine must be mounted only on a wall and requires an electrical outlet.

Is the metal body of the machine resistant to bumps, cigarette, lighter or match burns?
Yes, it is.

How often do I have to calibrate the machine?
We recommend a calibration every 3 months. Your account representative can help you with this important detail.

Which types of locations are appropriate for Blow to Know?
Any place where people take alcoholic drinks, such as pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs. Opportunities exist at weddings and functions, as well as hotels, gas stations and parking garages.