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Breath alcohol analyzer

About us

Blow to Know combines a passion for positive social benefit with a drive for opportunity. We offer distributors pay-per-use breath alcohol analyzers in tandem with installation and service, for use at bars, restaurants, functions and other public venues that serve alcohol. Our analyzers are designed to help venue owners meet regulatory requirements while providing individuals with a scientific and neutral indicator of their fitness for driving and other planned tasks. Our mission is to always be on the crest of positive response to the growing need to prevent impaired driving.

Blow to Know offers exciting opportunities for professionals from diverse areas of business who want to positively impact the lives of others. Our representatives come from sales, marketing, client services, various distribution channels, as well as the bar/restaurant industry. Our team is passionate about exceeding personal goals, networking and relationship building, making money, and most importantly—saving lives.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to own your own business, we want to meet with you. To learn how to become a preferred Blow to Know representative, please contact: