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Breath alcohol analyzer

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Through our distributors, Blow to Know offers wall-mounted blood alcohol analyzers to proprietors of restaurants, bars, hotels and other places where alcohol is served.

Why would a proprietor want a Blow to Know in their place of business?

  • Many states are focusing on bartender liability laws, social host or “last served” bills to help combat patrons from driving under the influence. That means your favorite pub, bartender or employer could be liable for serving the patron their last drink--regardless of how many the patron had before they entered the bar.

  • Bartenders often face resistance (verbal or otherwise) after they refuse to serve patrons. By asking the patron to simply use the machine, will give an unbiased, definitive result.

Won’t this deter patrons from purchasing alcohol from the establishment?

  • Our research shows that the largest group of users is generally those who aren’t driving at all, but folks looking for a good time. The machine is often used as a “game” to judge who has the highest BAC. Generally the more inebriated the patron gets, the more money he/she will place into the machine.